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Bank on better ways forward.

Bank with us to finance positive social, environmental, and cultural change.

Change can shape you or you can shape change.

Values-driven banking can address some of the greatest challenges facing our communities. We work tirelessly with Canadian organizations to help navigate today’s complex economic landscape and achieve their goals.

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Building Construction Social Enterprise Funding

Community is at the heart of our name and our mission.

We were born from the community-first finance model sharpened over seventy years by Vancity, a co-operative with over half a million members.

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Money Goes

Long-term impact over short-term gain drives social change. With the Community Change Term Deposit, you don’t have to sacrifice your values to meet your financial objectives.

Finance Change

You work hard to create positive impact. We work hard to support that.

We finance organizations with progressive and forward-thinking business models. Strong partnerships lead to even stronger solutions for our communities.

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Social Purpose Real Estate

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of investors said impact investment performance met or exceeded their expectations.¹

Bank on Better Ways Forward

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¹Responsible Investment Association, and Royal Bank of Canada. “2016 Canadian Impact Investment Trends Report.” Oct. 2016, p. 4.

Vancity Community Investment Bank is a Certified B-Corp™ and a member of CDIC.

We're thrilled to announce that VCIB has acquired CoPower, Canada’s first sustainable investment platform.
Read the press release to learn how CoPower + VCIB are driving change together.