We provide bank loans for businesses and social enterprises, commercial real estate, community
projects, and other ventures that are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable in order to promote healthy communities.

If your organization’s goal is to:

  • Buy, develop, repurpose or expand real estate such as affordable housing, community hubs, or heritage properties
  • Provide high-performing environmental housing, workspaces or buildings
  • Do business in a socially and environmentally-friendly way
  • Fulfill your charitable or not-for-profit mandate with impact

…then we want to hear from you.

Commercial Real Estate Lending: RealEstate@vcib.ca

Business and Social Enterprise Lending: BusinessLending@vcib.ca

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Our Real Estate Team specializes in providing competitive financing for Commercial Real Estate that has a positive impact on the Community or Environment. VCIB provides Term and Construction Financing up to $45 million with a focus on:

  • Green Buildings
  • Affordable Housing
  • Co-operative Housing
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Arts, Culture and Community Spaces
  • Not-for-Profit Owned/Occupied Properties
  • Eco-Efficiency Retrofits

Email our Commercial Real Estate Lending Team at RealEstate@vcib.ca