Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. We stand strong with those speaking out against intolerance, and the oppression of people based on race must end.  These beliefs are embedded in our values as a community investment bank that prides itself on being impactful at its core, however we recognize that we too have work to do.

Historically, the banking industry has played a role in the disproportionate distribution of wealth. As a values-driven organization, it is our responsibility to help fix the system – to listen, learn, and drive meaningful change. We have a platform, a duty to speak up, and a commitment to being part of the solution.

We want to be able to mobilize all our resources and influence to combat racism and promote social inclusion. We’re starting with a donation to support local organizations driving this critical work.  We recognize that our efforts to solve a systemic problem need to be ongoing and our work won’t stop here.

We are committed to long-term investments in advancing our own diversity and understanding of cultural realities here in Canada and worldwide through training, hiring processes, and deeper tangible action in the community.

To our employees, clients, and stakeholders who are black, Indigenous, and people of colour, VCIB recognizes you and stands with you in the name of a more just and equitable tomorrow.

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