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VCIB was founded on a core belief: that companies have a responsibility to use their resources to enact positive change – financial, environmental, and social – in the communities where they do business.

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Canadians live in homes that are unaffordable, overcrowded or substandard

— or all three.¹

City Construction Co-Operative Housing

Affordable Housing

The low supply of stable housing puts many individuals and families at risk of a host of social issues. We invest in affordable housing because it is a key driver of economic self-reliance and community well-being.

City Condominium Energy Efficient Investment


Buildings are a primary source of carbon emissions and consume significant energy. Investing in buildings that are more energy efficient is in line with our goal of environmental sustainability.


Financially resilient social enterprises help create employment for those with barriers, provide needed products and services to underserved communities, and contribute to the development of sustainable local economies.

Harbourfront Centre Cultural Space


Co-operative housing welcomes diversity and serves a variety of people from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Financial inclusion and empowering families is critical to healthy communities.

Flat Iron Building Historic Site

Heritage Buildings

Heritage buildings face significant challenges in maintaining their space in fast-growing cities. Investing in them reduces landfill waste and provides communities with a sense of identity for future generations.

Basketball Court Community Hub

Arts, Culture and
Community Spaces

A vibrant arts and cultural sector is an indicator of overall community well-being and social capital. Investing in arts and culture promotes creative social engagement, inclusion, and innovation in communities.


More than ever buildings need to rethink and redesign how and what products and services they use to be more sustainable. Investing in green solutions supports the innovation necessary to achieve this goal.

Lending Terms & Conditions

Term Construction
Loan Size Up to $30M Up to $30M
Location Ontario Ontario
LTV Up to 75% Up to 75%
Term 5 or 7 years 12-36 months
Loan Type 1st position mortgage 1st position mortgage

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¹Wellesley Institute, Precarious Housing in Canada (2010).

Vancity Community Investment Bank is a Certified B-Corp™ and a member of CDIC.