Shared Interest™


The Shared Interest granting program has been supporting social, economic, and environmental change in Canadian communities for over 20 years.  In that time, almost 100 non profits across Canada have been nominated and chosen by VCIB for grant money totaling approximately $1.5 million.

Check out the past recipients of Shared Interest awards.

How the Shared Interest Fund Grows

Donations to our Shared Interest Fund are calculated based on Shared Interest Visa* cardholders’ transaction activity. Every time you use your card, VCIB will donate 10 cents to the Shared Interest Fund. VCIB also donates 4% of pre-tax profits to the fund.**

Shared Interest Fund at Work: Advancing Freshwater & Climate Solutions

In 2020, the Shared Interest Fund contributed to the Centre for Social Innovation’s Climate Ventures Earth Tech Accelerator, a six-month program for non-profits and startups working on freshwater or climate tech solutions that will positively impact communities and ecosystems across Canada.

*Visa Int./Vancity Community Investment Bank, Licensed User.
** Calculated on the previous three years’ average annual income from operations.

Vancity Community Investment Bank is a member of CDIC and is a Certified B CorpTM

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