Service Upgrade

Effective Monday, January 14, we upgraded our credit card services.
You’ll notice improvements including a simpler way to log in and an improved rewards experience.

VISA Account Login

Simpler way to log in

Starting January 14, instead of logging into multiple websites to manage your Shared Interest™ Visa* card and redeem reward points, you’ll only need to log in once on the updated Manage my Visa card website.

This new site will look a little different but you’ll be able to log in with your current username and password.

After the upgrade, only Primary Cardholders will have access to the rewards website to redeem points (if applicable).

We’ve improved your rewards experience

New name. New website.

We’ve changed the name from My Visa Rewards Plus to Vancity Community Investment Bank Rewards™ and improved the rewards program and website.

Redeeming points will be easier.

  • The value of your points will be easier to understand
  • More reward options starting at 2,000 points ($20 rewards value)
  • More travel options
  • More gift cards

You’ll have more gift card options

Starting January, we’ll add many new gift cards to our rewards program. Our full list of gift cards includes:

  • Hudson’s Bay
  • Canadian Tire
  • Whole Foods
  • Roots

We’ve changed our name

The new name will appear online and on your account statements starting January.

In early 2019, you’ll receive a new Shared Interest Visa card. Your new credit card will have an updated look and you’ll be able to tap-to-pay at stores. Please continue to use your Citizens Bank Visa card as usual until you receive your new card.

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Frequently asked questions

How will I access my Visa account online?

Before the credit card services upgrade, you used two different logins to access My Visa Account to manage your Visa card and My Visa Rewards Plus to redeem reward points. Effective Monday, January 14, you’ll simply log in at Manage my Visa card to manage your card online.

If your Visa card earns reward points, once you log into the updated Manage my Visa card website, you’ll be able to redeem points on the Vanity Rewards website without logging in again.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve launched eStatements for Visa accounts effective January. You’ll now be able to opt-out of receiving paper statements in the mail and download eStatements on Manage my Visa card.  

Learn more about the updated Manage my Visa card website.

How is the My Visa Rewards Plus program changing?

We’ve improved the rewards program and website and changed the name from My Visa Rewards Plus to Vancity Community Investment Bank Rewards. The value of your points is easier to understand and you have more reward options starting at 2,000 points ($20 rewards value).

We also discontinued merchandise rewards on Thursday, October 4. You’ll still be able to redeem points for financial rewards (cash back), travel, gift cards and charitable donations. Now we offer more gift card options.

Learn more about the changes to the My Visa Rewards Plus program.

Who are Primary Cardholders and Authorized Users?

Primary Cardholders and Authorized Users of Shared Interest Visa cards do not have the same responsibilities and access to their Visa account information.

The Primary Cardholder is the person who applied for the Visa account. They’re responsible for all charges on the Visa account. They own all the reward points earned on the account and can redeem them. The Primary Cardholder can give other people permission to share the Visa account by adding Authorized Users to their account.

The Authorized User has a credit card with their name on it, issued on the Primary Cardholder’s Visa card account. The cards we issue to Authorized Users are sometimes called ‘supplementary cards’ or ‘additional cards’. The reward points belong to the Primary Cardholder and can only be redeemed by them. Authorized Users will not be able to redeem points, unless they have been designated as an Authorized Redeemer by the Primary Cardholder.

Remember, even if there are Authorized Users on the account, the Primary Cardholder is responsible for the account and promises to pay Vancity Community Investment Bank for all fees and interest we charge on the account and all the transactions. Any purchases made by an Authorized User will appear on the Primary Cardholder’s monthly statement.  Authorized Users should keep in mind that the credit card account belongs to the Primary Cardholder, and any purchases Authorized Users make using their card won’t help build their credit history.

For more details on these different cardholder roles, please review your Vancity Community Investment Bank Credit Card Agreement (for Personal Use) effective Friday, January 11, 2019.

Learn more about Primary Cardholders, Authorized Users and Authorized Redeemers

Did Citizens Bank of Canada change their name?

Yes. We’ve changed our name from Citizens Bank of Canada to Vancity Community Investment BankTM (effective April 2017). As of January 2019, you’ll see this new name on your account statements.

If you’re a Citizens BankTM Visa* credit card cardholder, you’ll receive a new Vancity Community Investment Bank Visa card in early 2019 to replace your Citizens Bank card.

Learn more about the name change.

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