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Clean Energy Financing

Your financing partner for the low carbon future

Connecting clean energy developers, installers, and building owners with the financing solutions they require.

We offer a range of fast, flexible financing products and can take you from term sheet to financial close in as short as six weeks. Together with our subsidiary, CoPower, we find innovative solutions to get your unique clean energy and energy efficiency projects off the ground, built and scaled.

Loan size:


for a single project or portfolio of smaller projects



debt financing of total costs although some structures may allow for 100% financing.


Competitive pricing

depending on the risk profile

Loan term:

2 to 12 years

rate of repayment dependent on the underlying risk profile

we finance

Renewable energy
& energy storage

heating & cooling

Energy efficiency
retrofits &
green buildings

(see VCIB Green Mortgages)

Electric Vehicle

Microgrids and transmission & distribution upgrades

Energy Recovery
(waste-to-energy / bio-energy)

we offer

Construction Financing


Solutions for projects that are “shovel-ready.”

Long-Term Financing or Refinancing

Long-Term Financing
or Refinancing

Optimize your operational projects.

Short-Term & Bridge Financing

Short-Term &
Bridge Financing

Build and aggregate a portfolio of projects.

On-bill financing or PACE structures

or PACE structures

Support for municipal or utility clean energy or efficiency programs.

To learn more about our rate structures, financing options, and process, contact us . Or tell us about your project and get started today.

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A proven track record

Through our subsidiary, CoPower, our team has supported the development or installation of more than 1,650 distributed clean energy or energy efficiency projects across Canada. Click on any of the thumbnails below to learn more.

"It makes a big difference to secure financing from a mission-aligned investor who both gets solar development and is in this for the same reasons we are."

Patrick Caicco

Renfrew Solar Enterprises

Patrick Caicco

Upgrade your building with a VCIB green mortgage

With a VCIB commercial green mortgage, you can unlock new financing for all those smart, cost-saving building upgrades you’ve been thinking about. For building owners, we offer increases to commercial mortgages to finance energy efficiency retrofits and renewable energy solutions—from lighting and building envelopes to EV charging stations and HVAC upgrades. Save on operating costs, increase the value of your building, attract tenants, and cut your carbon emissions.

Our real estate and clean energy teams will make it easy for you each step of the way. Download the VCIB Green Mortgage package, or tell us about your project and Get Started today.

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Our team of experts is committed to finding financing solutions to set your project up for long term success. To learn more, contact us or tell us about your project and get started today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between VCIB and CoPower?

In 2019, VCIB acquired CoPower, a sustainable investment platform and leading provider of clean energy financing. CoPower continues to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of VCIB with back office support provided by the bank.

CoPower’s founding team of clean energy professionals including Jonathan Frank, Director of Clean Energy Business Development, and David Berliner, Director of Structuring Clean Energy Financing, have joined VCIB and continue to provide clean energy financing services through both VCIB and CoPower.

Why CoPower and VCIB?

With CoPower and VCIB, developers and building owners have access to a broader range of clean energy financing services than is typically offered by most financial institutions. These include both project financing, typically offered by CoPower, and commercial mortgage financing, offered through VCIB, across a wide range of clean technologies and business models.

What is it like to work with VCIB/CoPower?

We are collaborative, have a deep understanding of clean energy markets, technologies and business models, and often become actively involved with our clients in helping structure projects to create the best outcomes. We are mission driven and believe in the importance of accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy which creates great alignment with our clients.

What are your high-level investment criteria?

We look at several key considerations for project-finance transactions.

  • The project must contribute to the solutions to climate change by reducing energy or generating clean power.
  • The project developer and other partners are experienced with strong teams and track records.
  • The project should use well-established technologies and have appropriate warranties and insurance in place.
  • The counterparty or purchaser of the energy or efficiency services is creditworthy, and credit risk is moderate and mitigated.
  • The loan is secured by project cash-flows, material contracts and by physical equipment where appropriate.
  • Construction risk and operational risk is moderate and mitigated.

Other deal structures may look at different criteria – please get in touch with us to learn more depending on the nature of your project or initiative.

What can I expect in terms of due diligence?

Each loan follows a thorough yet practical due diligence process and is structured by our team of professionals, with oversight provided by the Chief Credit Officer and support from experienced legal counsel.

The process is adapted to suit the needs of each borrower and typically includes a review of both the sponsor and the project. This includes the sponsor’s corporate history, background, development expertise, management team, financial performance, liabilities, potential conflicts of interest, capitalization and funding sources. For the project, we review and analyze financial projections and assumptions, the project construction schedule, suppliers of technology and feedstock, operation & maintenance requirements and contracts, regulatory considerations, environmental status or claims and insurance.

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