Mortgage refinancing to support B Corp consulting firm

Laridae Holdings Inc.
B Corporation
Peterborough, Ontario

VCIB’s financing will support Laridae’s continued success in providing services for businesses to thrive and increase their impact.

About the Business

Laridae is a certified B Corp management consulting firm that works exclusively with non-profit organizations. Laridae’s services include strategic planning, operational review, communications, and branding. Offering both in-person and continuous learning online, Laridae’s non-profit leadership and management training sessions implement strategies that inspire action, responsibility, and commitment.

About the Loan

Laridae had two mortgages on their commercial property in Peterborough, Ontario. To consolidate the two mortgages into one, Vancity Community Investment Bank (VCIB) provided a conventional first mortgage to refinance Laridae’s office building.

About the Impact

Laridae brings a wealth of management expertise to purpose-driven organizations. Their customized and collaborative approach helps non-profits craft strategies that will increase their impact and make their organizations prosper. VCIB’s mission runs parallel alongside Laridae, with the goal of providing custom financial support to organizations and businesses that drive social, economic, and environmental change. VCIB’s mortgage refinancing will support Laridae in its continued operations and will help further its mission to support organizational resiliency and sustainability with their clients.

As proud members of the B Corp community, VCIB offers financing solutions that are specifically tailored for B Corps to thrive and foster change. As such, the partnership between Laridae and VCIB will promote an environment where more socially and environmentally forward organizations can grow and expand their impact.

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November, 2021
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